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About us

Dynamic Graphics has been providing innovative creative content and information to visual communications people since 1977. Included in the product mix are superb galleries and subscriptions of royalty-free photography, vector illustration, fonts, video clips, vehicle templates and vehicle wraps. Design professionals and industry people use these products and services daily.


There are two main websites: www.dynamicx.co.nz and http://www.zine4signs.com. Each of these websites is devoted to one the two subscription services DynamicX and Zine4signs. The original website http://www.dynamicgraphics.co.nz/ has been retained and links to the two main sites.


DynamicX offers over 5.2 million edited and curated images - high res photos, vectors, illustration and fonts. Video clips can be added. There are two subscription options:


STANDARD offering up to 250 downloads each and every week

LOW VOLUME offering up to 50 downloads each month.

See Plans & pricing on the DynamicX homepage for details (https://www.dynamicx.co.nz/)  


Zine! offers over 7.5 million images - high res photos, vectors, illustration, fonts, vehicle wraps and over 23,000 vehicle templates. Subscribers can download 50 files each and every week.


See Plan & pricing on the Zine! homepage for details at http://www.zine4signs.com/  


Postal: Dynamic Graphics Ltd, PO Box 306, Masterton 5840, NEW ZEALAND

Courier: Dynamic Graphics Ltd, 101 Titoki St, Masterton 5810, NEW ZEALAND

Email: images@dynamicgraphics.co.nz

Tel: +64 63 78 96 99

In New Zealand call 0800 65 44 66

In Australia call 1800 130 352

Douglas Maclachlan, Managing Director

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Dynamic Graphics Ltd

World-wide call +64 63 78 96 99
In New Zealand call 0800 65 44 66
In Australia call 1800 130 352 (8.00am to 6.00pm EST)
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